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Obstacle Racing, Endurance Events and Extreme Sports. No pain no gain…but at what expense?

A new generation of extreme sporting events has adrenaline junkies, sports enthusiast and extreme athletes pushing the boundaries. With this comes greater risk to those competitors as they attempt mentally and physically challenge themselves.

During a recently run event in Sydney a competitor injured himself on an obstacle with potentially life changing and permanent consequences. After falling from a 2m climbing wall, the competitor lay caught upside down in a cargo net concussed with reduced sensations in his arms and legs.

The injured participant from Sydney released the following statement:

“You’re lucky to be alive, and even luckier to have avoided any serious injury.” stated hospital staff.

It’s a really scary thought to be told that if any factors were different I could have died. In the wet conditions I managed to slip and fall backwards on to the hard rock ground below. I landed on the back of my skull, neck and then back. I also had my right leg caught in about the 3rd rung of the cargo net. I was helicoptered to Westmead Hospital on a spinal board and underwent numerous scans and tests. I owe my life to the medical team at True Grit who treated me.”

Panoptic First Response through Panoptic Solutions was the event medical services company hired to provide event medical support for this event. Event organisers and participants were able to breath easier knowing they hired a professional and capable event medical services company to provide their medical support.

On September 1st 2014 legislation came into effect in South Australia to protect the title of Paramedic. It will become an offence to use this title without the correct qualifications. Although the South Australia Government has taken the lead, the other states are yet to catch up and until a national registration is set up, people will continue to falsely promote themselves as registered Paramedics.

Anyone can obtain their first aid certificate and then go on to gain the qualification of Paramedic through an unreputable RTO. What will always count in these circumstances is professional emergency medical clinicians with real life on road and hospital experience. At that crucial point of when a medical incident occurs there will be nothing worse than regretting the fact you had chosen the wrong company with unqualified emergency staff.

By ensuring you do your due diligence when contracting prospective event first aid and event medical companies and questioning them on the staff they hire, you can be confident that your participants will be well cared for. Questions you should ask as the event organiser include:

  • Do the first aiders have experience using their skills during extreme sporting events?
  • Have the event Paramedics worked in an ambulance environment?
  • Are they capable of dealing with emergency situations calmly and professionally?
  • Will the Event First Aid Company or Event Medical Company provide an after action report as standard?
  • Is the company licensed to carry emergency and live saving drugs?

If the answer to any of these questions is no then you should consider looking elsewhere.

As an organiser the last thing you want is your events name tarnished with accusations of mismanagement during a medical emergency. At Panoptic we pride ourselves on using quality professional staff, who have experience operating in challenging environments within the emergency medicine field.