A holistic approach to close protection services – Interview with Ronin SA’s Timm Smith.


Close Protection, Close Personal Protection, Bodyguarding or Executive Protection, call it what you will, there is an art to providing a professional service. With a global network of graduates who started as students searching for that level of professionalism,  Ronin SA is cited as one of the most renowned civilian training academies for protection training. Located in Cape Town South Africa, the academy has an unmatched environment that covers all aspects of protection training from firearm competency training to experiencing frontline ambulance shifts, all in the heart of South Africa and its unpredictable climate.

In this episode, you’ll hear from the founder of Ronin SA, Timm Smith, who has an unprecedented CV within the personal protection arena. You’ll learn all about Timm’s journey, the creation of Ronin SA and its high standards while learning what it takes to be a Ronin student and graduate.

Episode Highlights:

1. Differences between the UK and the US for close protection training
2. The evolution of close protection training
3. Battles within a unified war
4. Bringing the medical aspect into the protection space
5. Despite Ronin SA strict application process, their high standards mean 25% of students do not make it to graduation
6. What makes a great Ronin student
7. How do highly qualified doctors hold up against Ronin’s standards
8. What’s next for Ronin SA?

Ronin SA offers advanced world class expert training throughout the year. There are several courses on offer including their close protection training as well as their emergency care and medical training packages.

Training details are outlined on the Ronin SA website. There is even a pop up where you can talk direct to the staff.

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Wheels Up Security Podcast- Wheels Up Is Back With Some Exciting Changes

Sorry to have left you hanging – we’ve been on a quick breather due to the workload with clients across multiple countries. We’re back, and we’ve made some exciting new changes to the format of our podcast.

In this podcast, you’ll find out about our changes, hear our outstanding lineup of guest speakers for the next several weeks and get a quick update on Panoptic Solutions.

Wheels Up Episode Highlights:

What’s been happening.
Our latest lineup of guests to appear on the show
Announcing a new part time co-host.
Update on Panoptic Solutions
Missing persons case, Annapuranee Jenkins.
Quick note on ANZAC Day.

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