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What Is an Advance in Close Protection Operations?

Arguably one of the most valuable methods, an advance in close protection operations serves to anticipate, plan, and prepare for contingencies. Through various action items, it readies the principal and close protection team for unpredictable scenarios.  Those who have been part of the security industry for a long time are glaringly aware that some high-net-worth […]

Appropriate Dressing in Close Protection 

Many in and outside the security industry continue to maintain erroneous beliefs about how protective agents should dress. Usually, they make assumptions about dark business suits, white shirts, and conservative ties. This outfit may be acceptable and relevant in some instances. However, appropriate dressing in close protection is a substantially more complex topic than mere […]

Dangers of Social Media in Close Protection Operations 

They allow us to communicate with each other instantaneously, share content, and expand the circle of associates, connoisseurs and friends. However, using social media in close protection and utilising it for private purposes are in stark opposition. Or is that really the case?  What people outside of the executive protection industry post daily may be […]

Handling Hostile Terminations Properly and Calmly 

Some well-known members of the security industry give armed agents precedence over unarmed ones. Yet, others believe that the latter can be equally valuable in protecting CEOs, managers, and high-net-worth individuals, especially in an office space. In any case, specific situations require more caution than others. Hence, this article will explore how to handle hostile […]

Office Security in a Corporate Environment 

With plenty of physical security techniques that require the presence of protective staff, it can be easy to overlook the benefits of well-designed offices. Although most businesses increasingly concern themselves with information security, they rarely stop to rethink their office security to avert physical breaches. As a result, disgruntled employees, protesters, and malicious individuals may […]

Vulnerability Assessment – The What, How, and When

A vulnerability assessment ― also known as threat and vulnerability assessment (TVRA) ― evaluates existing security programs, identifies vulnerabilities, and provides recommendations on how to manage them. In the field of executive protection, it is a standard tool that protective agents and teams use when a principal’s family moves into or takes over a residence, […]

Risk and Security Management in Australia 

People often hear in the news how a public event’s security went sideways. From time to time, we even read that protective agents did something wrong while on an assignment. However, we rarely get a chance to see in the media how risk and security management (sometimes known as security and risk management) measures helped protect a person, property, or company. […]

How a Close Protection Officer Keeps Executives Safe 

The general public holds many misconceptions pertaining to the close protection officer and the industry as a whole. For instance, some people scorn protective agents due to mistakes or oversights made by a small percentage of the workforce.  Basing their assumptions on what they have seen or heard in movies or on TV, the general public usually lacks an understanding […]

Close Protection in Indonesia: Challenges and Resources 

Experts define assets in several ways. Usually, they think of them in relation to physical, economic, institutional, and human assets. As for the CP industry, local assets are seen as one of the most valuable items for a security team travelling to a foreign country with distinctive demands. If you were to require services of close […]

The Overlap Between EP and First Aid Training 

According to the Heart Research Institute, a heart attack is a leading cause of death and hospitalisation in Australia. On average, it claims 21 lives daily, with as many as 57,000 Australians suffering a heart attack every year. Yet, business executives and high-net-worth individuals hire executive protection staff without excessively thinking about their first aid training. However, […]