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Remote Medical Support: The Basics

With hundreds of off-road racing and similar events yearly and plenty of sand dunes, beaches, rainforests, and bushland to go around, many adventurers, families, and organisations regularly partake in activities throughout Australia’s distant areas. For this reason, the provision of remote medical support becomes vital, as many accidents and health issues may arise.   According to the Australian Institute […]

What Is Infrastructure Security: Top Risks and Advantages 

Modern society seems to be taking critical infrastructure as a given. From tunnels, utilities, highways to connecting bridges, railways, and dams. All these facilitate the access of populations to clean water, electricity, transportation, and commerce. So, what is infrastructure security? It constitutes one of the central concerns of governmental policy worldwide, with private sector companies […]

Executive Protection Detail – Skills, Prevention, Reaction

Recognising attacks before they occur or meeting them in their earliest steps constitutes an essential component of safeguarding high-net-worth families and individuals. Prevention rather than reaction is the optimal solution for an executive protection detail operating in either routine or dynamic and changing environments.   This “pre-recognition” of an incident is sometimes known as a “combat indicator.” More commonly, specialists […]

Key Features of Remote Medical Services in Australia

Everyone wants to feel safe. It doesn’t matter if they attend an off-the-beaten-track sporting event or are stationed at a remote work site for extended periods. Whatever the environment, the safety and medical needs of citizens need to be met. Consequently, reliable access to remote medical services in Australia is all too important, even lifesaving at times.   […]

Explained: Corporate Security and Risk Management

In today’s information-packed and vulnerability-prone world, there is no shortage of risks that threaten companies. Corporate security and risk management relates to strategies utilised by security professionals in order to avoid situations that pose threats by identifying, assessing, and controlling them. Therefore, for any company to function properly, corporate security and risk management must be at the forefront of its operations.  We can also refer to these types of strategies as intelligent […]

Corporate Protection Australia: What You Must Know 

There is no shortage of physical hazards and cyberattacks threatening the very survival of your company. In 2020 alone, the latter cost the Australian economy USD 3.5 billion or AUD 4.8 billion. In fact, the two are intertwined and can hardly be untangled as damage done to one spills over into the other. For this and many other reasons, corporate protection Australia finds itself increasingly among the […]

What Is Infrastructure Security?

Infrastructure security relates to the provision of security services to safeguard organisational structures and facilities. The goal is to limit the exposure of systems and structures to threats and risks of sabotage, terrorism, and contaminations. Hence, infrastructure security experts maintain it is at the root of corporate security plans.  Although the elements vary to some […]

Corporate Security Guards: A Benefit to Any Organisation

Corporate security is an often-ignored management function. Yet, directors and executives are experiencing a growing need to properly understand the risks that their organisations face. The authors of Corporate Security in the Asia-Pacific Region inform us that in Australia it is a director’s duty to make sure that the company has and maintains risk management. So, executives need to involve themselves and demonstrate appropriate action […]

What is Executive Protection?

The term executive protection (EP) has been very popular since the turn of the last century, especially in corporate circles. It is used to refer to specific and exclusive protective services aimed at crime deterrence, risk mitigation and management, and security in general.   The exact definition has taken on many meanings through years of misuse – both at the hands of amateurs and security professionals who have no idea what executive […]

Corporate Security: The Risks Threatening Your Business 

All companies, regardless of their headcount or stock value, have a duty to keep their property and their most valuable assets – their employees, safe from harm and criminal acts. So, corporate security relates to properly recognising and mitigating risks that could put a business in danger, whether physical, financial, or reputational.  In fact, corporate security is […]