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Stalker Security – One In Five Women Are Affected

Stalker Security When we think of stalkers, death threats or stalker security we tend to think of it as being a problem for high profile personalities or celebrities. Most situations involving the everyday layperson rarely make the news unless the circumstances are drastic, but it is a problem much more common than most of us […]

Progressive Force Concepts Group – Training & Protective Intelligence | The Importance Of Both

In this episode: Aaron’s journey from active military duty for the army in Washington DC and Europe and his transition to private security Travis’ journey from a Political Science student, to the Marine Corp Military Police and his transition to private security, with an emphasis on investigative research and threat assessments Travis’ involvement with Ontic […]

Surviving Hotel Terrorist Attacks

With hotels becoming an increasingly popular target for militant attacks around the world, the issue of hotel security and appropriate travel precautions is growing in importance for business travellers and tourists. In one catastrophic year alone (2008), militants killed at least 54 people in a suicide bomb attack on Islamabad’s Marriott hotel, 71 people in […]

The Realities of Executive Protection & More – Interview with Steve Albritton – Part 2

In a previous post and podcast episode, we discussed executive protection recruitment and more with Steve Albritton, a respected security industry consultant based in Florida, USA. In this continuation of our discussion, Steve shares how to build a security team from scratch, how to factor medical issues into a risk mitigation task and why staff sometimes need to […]

The Cost of Protecting the Boss – Security for Executives

With executive compensation practices and policies a salient topic since the 2008 global financial crisis, the cost of security for executives has come closer to the spotlight.  Though the term “executive protection” conjures up images of extravagance for most, the Fortune 100 sees it as a necessity.  In 2014, Salesforce spent almost 1.5 million USD […]

Executive Protection Personnel – Panoptic Solutions | Russ Price

EXECUTIVE PROTECTION PERSONNEL Executive Protection is all about people. The right people, in the right place, at the right time doing the right job for our clients. Panoptic Solutions prides itself on employing, contracting and engaging the right people. We are fortunate to have a team consisting of former military, law enforcement, emergency services and […]

Acting with Military Precision

Ex-serviceman, Troy Claydon, tells Jonathan Jackson about the correlation between Airforce disciplines and how his business Panoptic Solutions is meeting the security needs of vulnerable businesses and individuals. The harsh, military environment has been a breeding ground for many entrepreneurs. As Bill Murphy Jnr says in an article for Inc. Magazine, “veterans bring amazing advantages […]