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Getting the Edge on Life – Interview with Rhys Dowden

Can mindset really help travellers and security operatives respond safely to uncertain circumstances? This post summarises a podcast interview with former Australian Special Forces soldier and hostile environment security expert, Rhys Dowden about the benefits of a preparation mindset. He explains his holistic approach to confidence in any situation and his tips for getting the edge on […]

Who Needs a Bodyguard and How Do You Hire One? – Part 2

Last week we published a blog post and podcast episode outlining the ins and outs of hiring a bodyguard or executive protection agent. In the second and final part of the series we look into the medical aspects of an engagement, the importance of local knowledge, some of the contractual details and what should happen before an engagement commences (which […]

How to Protect Executives and Board Members Against Hostile Shareholders and Protesters

Google “shareholder meeting attack” and you’ll be amazed at the number of stories that come up. Most of them are about non-violent attacks – protest groups, people launching hostile bids or shareholders complaining about executive salaries or positions. But, violent or not, looking at the Google results (and reading this blog post or listening to this […]

Gold Coast Security Firm search for Aussie in Malaysia

Gold Coast Security Firm Panoptic Solutions on International Search Case Private security team members from Gold Coast Security Firm Panoptic Solutions are helping in the hunt for an Australian woman missing in Malaysia says she hasn’t touched her bank accounts. Panoptic Solutions operations manager Ben Hosking, coordinating the search plan from the Gold Coast Security Firm, whilst his […]

Jakarta bombings abc radio interview

At approximately 1030 hrs, local, on 14 January 2016, what is believed to be a cell of five terrorists launched an attack on Jalan Thamrin in Central Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, centred on the Sarinah shopping mall and office tower. The attack commenced with an assault on a police post outside the building and […]

Gold Coast Security Companies – 8 tips to hire quality

With so many Gold Coast security companies, one can find it a challenging task to identify one which provides a professional service. If events and organisations such as the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games & Olympic Committee have questions from the public surrounding the quality of security providers (Skene, 2017) , how then, does the lay […]

Safety and Security for Journalists and Media

When most people think of executive protection, or bodyguards in general, they tend to think of VIPs, celebrities, and high net worth individuals (HNWI). Though they may not always travel to hazardous locations, their risk is enhanced by virtue of their position or status. For journalists and media crews though, travelling to hazardous locations is […]

“I’m just a driver” – so what’s the difference?

Panoptic Solutions was previously involved with a task where the client utilised the services from two separate security providers. Although not ideal, it is sometimes unavoidable due to commercial reasons. The client’s intent can still be met with some flexibility and professionalism by both entities. Panoptic Solutions provided the advance and EP agents, while the second […]