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Home Security Fundamentals

We’ve become complacent about home security because we rely on a range of high tech equipment to protect us, our home, our families, and our possessions. Many of us are also guilty of thinking ‘it can’t happen to me’. However, the risk of burglary is ever-present and paying attention to the basics will help keep […]

Corporate Travel & Journey Risk Management – Top 5 Problems for Businesses.

TOP 5 PROBLEMS FOR COMPANIES WHEN ARRANGING CORPORATE TRAVEL 1.No Corporate Travel Policy or Travel Risk Policy Companies without a corporate travel policy may incur unnecessary costs and face unnecessary risks. Depending on the operations and needs of the company, a corporate travel policy will typically cover travel expense request procedures. as well as security and medical […]

Business & VIP Travel Security and Safety in The Philippines

The Philippines is becoming a more common destination for business travellers. As well as being home to the Asian Development Bank, the rising use of Filipino personnel for international call centres makes business travel to the area more frequent. We’ve also had the good fortune to work locally in The Philippines and internationally with a […]

Australias new terror alert system

Australia has changed its terrorism alert system, effective 27 November 2015, to give the public clearer information about attacks being planned by extremists, under a proposed new threat hierarchy unveiled in February 2015. The current four-tier alert system which describe levels of risk from “low” to “high” and “extreme” are replaced with a system that […]

Business & VIP Travel Safety in China

While a lot of travel security and safety advice is generic in nature, different locations often have specific conditions that make them worthy of special mention. Our area of expertise is the Asia-Pacific region and we’ll be discussing several different countries in this area in the coming weeks. In this blog post we look at […]

Business Travelers’ Ground Travel and Post Travel Checklist

Business Travelers’ Ground Travel and Post Travel Checklist In our last post we ran through the essentials that business travelers should cover before setting out on a journey. In this post, we run through the safety and security essentials for the “during” and “after/post journey” phase of your travels” The content here is much less than […]

Australia’s new Airport Security Measures – What it means for travellers and airport workers alike

Australian airport security is recently facing strong pressure to change from two different angles: the extensive terror plot this summer and the US’s tighter security requirements. The terror attempt in August, involving an elaborate explosives scheme, has stirred up debate over transportation security among Australian politicians and government officials.  Malcolm Turnbull and the Minister for […]