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Terrorism in Southeast Asia

There is little question that the rise of IS has dramatically changed the security landscape in Southeast Asia. This is particularly interesting considering the diverse political and social landscapes in the region.  Nonetheless, the threat of terrorism in the region is not new and continues to mutate and evolve.  Thus, authorities’ adaptability and innovation is […]

Security for Australia’s Former Prime Ministers

The assault on Tony Abbot from a campaigner brings our attention to the question of security for Australia’s former Prime Ministers.  Currently they are not provided with permanent executive protection / close personal protection / security details. At least in this incident, it is clear that Tony Abbot was under-protected.  The intoxicated assailant could easily […]

Australia’s Strategy for Protecting Crowded Places from Terrorism

Crowded landmarks are a terror target for their symbolic power, with recent IS attacks making this disturbingly clear.  In light of this, Australian National Security has declared a strategy for tackling the threat to crowded places.  According to their announcement, the core of the strategy is to improve the security of such places by fostering […]

Australia’s Recent Terror Arrests and What this Means for Travellers

Australia’s Close Call The recently foiled terror plot in Sydney underscores the risk potential for travelers in Oceania.   Australia has faced an increasing number of such threats in recent years.  Since September 2014, the nation’s terror threat level has been elevated, according to national security authorities.[1] On Saturday, July 29th, Australian police defeated a plot […]