Panoptic Solutions & XPJ - Medicine, Models and Maintaining Standards

Welcome back to the Wheels Up Podcast. Today Troy and Ben are joined with Anthony Goulart.

With over 10 years of experience in U.S. Special Operations which focused on personnel recovery, emergency medical care, and tactical prowess in austere environments. Anthony is passionate about elevating the protective sectors with a holistic, unmatched solution that blends combat operation discipline with medical proficiency. He is currently the CEO of XPJ, a collective of former Pararescuemen serving UHNW Family Offices and Adventure seekers with discernment and empathy.

At XPJ, Anthony’s role is to oversee the strategic direction, operations, and partnerships of the organization. He leverages his expertise as a rescue specialist to translate battle-hardened tactics into a more permissive private sector. This formula combines interpersonal relationship “soft skills” with protective “hard skills” to facilitate safe boundaries for clients. With an array of certifications, including NREMT-Paramedic, An Associate’s degree in Personnel Recovery, PADI Master Diver, MFF Jumpmaster, Advanced Tactical Paramedic, TCCC and TECC instructor.

When you think it can’t get any better he is also a thinker, a philosopher and student of history who believes that your body is a reflection of your mind, and visa versa. But best of all hes a great friend of Panoptic Solutions and we’re a big fan of what he and his team at XPJ are doing in the Security and Medical sector.

Panoptic Solutions & XPJ mixing it up in Vegas

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More about Anthony and XPJ 
Anthony’s personal Motto: Honour, Loyalty, and Courage

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