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Panoptic Solutions delivers professional, trusted and experienced outsourced medical support tailored to client needs. Our qualified medical support team provides services including paramedical, travel health, event first aid and medical support, and remote site medics. Our personnel are highly skilled, enabling us to provide complete medical, paramedical and first aid services to meet your requirements.

 Remote Medical Support Services

Remote Site Medical Services | Remote Medics | Mine Site Medics | Rescue Medics

Panoptic understands there is no one size fits all solution when it comes to medical support. We work with security teams, travel coordinators, individuals, corporates and families.  Our clients visit remote sites, travel for philanthropic reasons, cruise on super yachts for vacations or tick off bucket list locations. We’ve travelled to the ice shelves of Antarctica, remote dive sites of Raja Ampat, surf breaks in Indonesia, Fiji and Papua New Guinea, scenic islands of the Philippines, mines sites in Australia and natural geological wonders such as the Galapagos. We’re there to treat when you need us.

 Event Medics & First AID

Event Medical Services | Sports | Racing | Adventure | Festivals | Event First Aid

Our Medical Team provides event first aid & event medical services for events of all sizes. Our experienced team of Doctors, Paramedics and First Aiders will ensure that your event runs safely. Panoptic provides medical support for events including obstacle racing, cycling events, charity events, festivals & concerts. Previous clients include; True Grit , Miss Muddy Obstacle Racing, Chain Reaction Corporate Bike events (Aus &NZ), Big Pineapple Festival, Tash Sultana, NSW Polo Cross and The International Childrens Games to name a few.

 Medical Repatriation

Commercial Medical Escort | Air Travel Companion

Panoptic Solutions provide professional medical escorts to accompany seated patients on commercial aircraft. Our clinicians assist with all health related matters as well as transfers and logistics during what can be a stressful time. Travelling alone? Have a disability or physically impaired? Are you in your twilight years or are just you anxious about flying? Our Paramedics accompany you throughout your travels taking care of all matters which may seem daunting including any paperwork, transfers and luggage.

 Training & Sales

First Aid Training | CPR | Medical Training | Advanced Resuscitation | Medics

Our team of experts and professional instructors are front line Paramedics and former military personnel with real life emergency experience dealing with life and death situations. The question isn’t why train with us, the question is why wouldn’t you?

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