Benefits of Female Executive Protection Agents 

Female executive protection is a topic that seems to spark significant conversation in the security field. Most discussions remain positive. However, we can still observe some questionable comments and ways of thinking within certain areas of the industry. It would be easy enough to blame this on a mainly masculine culture that continues to dominate the industry. Yet, it may be more than just that.  

Dive deeper and you will find that it’s not only some industry professionals who may hold questionable perceptions about females in executive protection, but also clients.  

As a result, only a tiny fraction of women nowadays decide to go down the career path of EP, although their numbers are growing. Still, those that do, report an advantageous experience that benefits their lives as a whole and notably their principals ― i.e., the persons on the receiving end of protective services.  

But before we explore this too much, let us discuss the term female executive protection agent or female executive protection operative. The title is outdated and should be removed from the protection industry.  

You are either an executive protection agent/operative/officer, or you are not. Furthermore, no one is using the term male executive protection agent. Thus, there is no reason why the industry should not be more inclusive. 

Women as Mentors

Pollsters usually attribute the statistical shortage of women in the security sector to their disinterest and lack of incentives by protection companies and clients who mostly require masculine features. However, this trend needs to change at the company level, while the said companies should educate clients. 

It has been the experience of Panoptic Solutions management and CPP operatives that some of the best teams working for some of the world’s top 1% have been led and managed by very strong, capable, influential, and skillful women, whom we would have no hesitation following anywhere.  

In fact, in each case, we consider these women mentors in the field of executive protection and look to them for advice. Moreover, these women are at senior levels of executive protection, while others are in senior security positions with well-known tech firms where all are judged on merit.   


Babysitters and Assistants, or More?

In some cases, security-seeking individuals and families often overlook how female executive protection agents can also provide secure driving, protective intelligence, paramedic, and nanny services ― hence the term nannyguards. However, we can say the same for their male counterparts.   

Rightly or wrongly, some people may perceive female bodyguards as babysitters, partners, or assistants. Therefore, they tend to remain unnoticed.  

Besides, no one is restricting their responsibilities solely to crowd control or similar assignments typically requiring a physically tall posture.  

Quick fact: Within several peer-reviewed studies, researchers have found that women are better communicators than men. This may help executive protection agents respond more skillfully in verbal confrontations with potential attackers.  

De-escalation usually plays a significant role in the field of security. Especially during heated arguments with star-crazed fans or individuals wanting to desperately take a photo with their favourite artist.  

For all these reasons, it may be advisable to select a mixture of both men and women when hiring an EP team in charge of taking care of:  

  • High-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth individuals and families,  
  • VIPs spending time in remote areas of Australia, New Zealand or Asia,   
  • Female clients and their children,  
  • A wide array of companies in need of corporate security and risk management services.  

Arguments for Hiring Female Agents  

Women are not as noticeable in the security industry as men are. Still, their presence has steadily increased over the past ten years. And there is ample reason to suggest that they are a significant asset to executive protection teams and their principals.   

For one, women are known for carrying so-called go-bags wherever they move or travel. It is less noticeable when a female carries a bag as opposed to a male. Additionally, it is easier to disguise EP-related items in bags when females take them around instead of male agents. Most importantly, go-bags of female executive protection agents/operatives may ordinarily hold some of the following articles:  

  • First aid items, including tourniquets, emergency bandages, or airway devices,  
  • Note pads and pens,  
  • Pocket knives or multitools,  
  • GPS equipment, and  
  • Headphones, lip gloss, or sunglasses.  

The things that female EPAs usually carry in their purses can make all the difference, especially security-wise.  

Blending and Fitting In

A blended approach to executive protection provides an increased level of security to principals. The ability for a male and female executive protection agent to appear like they are a “couple” provides an element of surprise to any potential assailant when the EP team reacts. The ability to blend into an environment is particularly relevant when providing covert protective surveillance or low-profile protection.  

As a matter of fact, some clients may want to remain inconspicuous and having corporally prominent security operatives often works against such likings. But, apart from that, the ability to create a sense of normalcy and routine is among the essential requirements that clients look for in EP agents.  

More notably, male security operatives have certain restrictions that females do not. For example, when safeguarding a female client, the agent can enter places where it may be less appropriate for a male to access, including locations such as:  

  • Hotel suites,   
  • Dressing rooms,  
  • Female-specific clothing shops, and  
  • Bathrooms and other such venues.  

The main benefit to all of this is that the client’s daily life does not undergo disruptions. In addition, female EP agents inspire less suspicion and raise fewer eyebrows ― all efficacious advantages in the security business.  

While working in a male-dominated profession, female executive protection agents are increasingly in high demand because they:  

  • Change a protective team’s dynamics by fostering a less aggressive and more assertive culture,  
  • Overcome cultural and religious preferences because some parts of the world have strict rules for different genders spending time together, and  
  • Attract less attention.  


Getting Physical

But what about physicality? A common argument put up by many males in the industry. Many consider outdated the view that EP agents or protection operatives must be 6ft tall, stacked, and ripped. Yes, EP operatives and agents need to be physically fit and capable of maneuvering the principal in the event of a physical attack – no questions.  

However, this doesn’t preclude women. There are plenty of males out there in the security industry that would be lucky to lift their own weight, let alone someone else’s. Further, countless principals out there indulge in the finer things in life and are carrying extra weight.  

Even the most athletic males would struggle to carry these principles on their own and, as such, will need the assistance of a second person. This would come out in the planning whereby the consideration for a mixed team or second agent may be necessary. 

The reality is if an agent meets the standard (physical, skills, and training), be it male or female, there really is no reason why someone would not consider them for a role. 

In Conclusion

The protection industry is slowly moving in the right direction by being more inclusive. However, many things need to follow in the foreseeable future to gain the ground that men take up currently. 

Before that happens, some studies show that women outnumber men on:  

  • Prioritising fairness or purity of intention, and   
  • Compassion when it comes to making ethical decisions.  

All these skills have time and again proven invaluable. Especially while de-escalating situations and reducing the level of tension in interpersonal relations.  

Given that most jobs and teams are client-driven, educating clients and principals about the advantages of mixed teams is an excellent place to start. Panoptic Solutions advocates for women in executive protection, proudly boasting that several industry mentors are female.   

With female executive protection agents as part of our paramedic and protective teams, Panoptic Solutions supports individuals and organisations in enhancing productivity and peace of mind by offering unmatched services.   

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