With so many Gold Coast security companies, one can find it a challenging task to identify the one which provides a professional service. If events and organisations such as the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games & Olympic Committee have questions from the public surrounding the quality of security providers (Skene, 2017), how does the layperson or even a business identify a professional security company on the Gold Coast to engage?

Gold Coast Security Companies Tips to Identifying the Right One for You:

1. Queensland Security Firm Licence

This may sound simple, yet there have been in the past security companies in Queensland as well as Gold Coast Security Companies operating without the correct licencing provided by the Department of Fair Trading.

2. Professional Membership

Is the Gold Coast Security Company a member of a professional body such as the Security Providers Association of Australia (SPAAL), Australian Security Industry (ASIAL) or National Security Association of Australia (NSAA)? All Queensland security companies are required to be a member of a professional body to remain compliant. Membership is the QLD Governments way of maintaining integrity, accountability, professionalism, and good conduct within the industry. Ensure that the security company you look to engage has a membership.

3. Adverse Media Reports

Conducting a basic web search will provide you with the results of any adverse reports on Gold Coast security companies. Companies that are not appropriately registered or are those which have previous, or are in the middle of legal proceedings will be listed. These are companies that should be avoided. The web search may not be able to advise which is the best security company on the Gold Coast to engage, but it will provide you with an indication of which to avoid.

4. Security Companies Scope of Services

Ensure the security company you are engaging with provides the type of services you are looking for. For example, engaging a Gold Coast security company that specialises in mobile patrols won’t be the type of security company you will want to provide executive protection or bodyguard services. Furthermore, they may not be the type of company you need will provide corporate security for events or workplaces. Always ask about the services they provide and do your research on what they specialise in.

5. Website

Does the security company you are looking to use have a website? If so, what information is on it? Is it clear and succinct? Where is the office located? Does it include an office on the Gold Coast? What type of services does it outline on the site? Is the information laid out in an organized and easy to read way? Is there information about the company and its personnel? If not, why not? A reputable Gold Coast security company will have a quality website that represents its professionalism.

6. Staff/Personnel

A professional Gold Coast security company will provide access to expert security consultants and operatives with backgrounds ranging from Law Enforcement, Military, Emergency Services, and Corporate Security.

7. Services That Complement Security

No, we’re not talking about carpet cleaning… A professional security company will have other services within its scope which complement security. For example, Panoptic Solutions provides security medics which embed into security teams to ensure that an immediate medical response is available to clients at the exact time they need it. Whether this is within an Executive Protection detail or embedded into a team providing security at a Gold Coast function, you will be able to access immediate pre-hospital emergency medical professionals.

8. Local Knowledge

If you’re engaging Gold Coast Security Companies, it makes sense that the security company has knowledge of the local area. From Beenleigh to Coolangatta, a local Gold Coast Company will be able to support the population with all their security and needs. If you are engaging a security company to provide secure transportation for clients, you want to ensure they know the area and can transport clients from point A to B, not just safely, but confident that they will make the correct location.

For more information on how a Gold Coast Security Company can assist you, contact the team at Panoptic Solutions by emailing us at info@panopticsolutions.comolutions.com, calling +61 1300 651 407 or submitting an enquiry here.

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