“I’m just a driver” – so what’s the difference?

Panoptic Solutions was previously involved with a task where the client utilised the services from two separate security providers. Although not ideal, it is sometimes unavoidable due to commercial reasons. The client’s intent can still be met with some flexibility and professionalism by both entities.

Panoptic Solutions provided the advance and EP agents, while the second company was contracted to provide security drivers. Due to limited advance time we requested the drivers to provide the route recons/plans, allowing our team to conduct the site/venue recons and liaison. This request was met with the comment “We are just providing security drivers and we only have to drive, not here to do advances”. If indeed the company was providing driving services I may have understood their reluctance to be a team player on this, however, the company was another security provider and specifically stated they were contracting out as “security drivers”. So the question is, when does a “driver” go from being a “just a driver” to being a “security driver” and what should the expectations be of them if they then represent themselves as one?


Inclusive of SOP’s which our drivers are required to abide by, we also expect them to:

  • Know what a route reconnaissance is and how to conduct one unsupervised,
  • Understand how to draft a route recon report;
  • Know how to compile a stick/route map;
  • Understand the vehicles capabilities which the are driving;
  • Maintain the cleanliness of the vehicle;
  • Ensure the vehicle is mechanically sound;
  • Conduct vehicle sweeps (external & internal) prior to and on completion of task,
  • Understand and have practiced counter surveillance drills.

Drivers are an integral part of any EP team and should have a thorough understanding of how they fit in to the team. This is even more important when conducting intercompany operations supporting a client. It may be two companies, but its always one team. Food for thought….