We’re excited to introduce the new co-host, Steven Albritton, to our Wheels Up Podcast listeners.

Steve Albritton served with the Marines and a state police force in the USA before taking on a role as a security manager for a high net worth individual and family.

Since leaving that role, Steve has established OPStructure, an industry consultancy that is taking on project work but also focuses on executive protection recruitment and team building.

Steve is the principal owner of OPStructure, based out of Florida. He has vast experience in the security world, not only in the USA but internationally. Executive protection is a very different ball game in the USA, so it will be great to get Steve’s view on particular topics and past experiences working within and outside of the USA.

Panoptic Solution’s, Troy Claydon and OpStructure’s Steve Albritton will be bringing you key professionals at the top of their game in specific industries. Together, they will discuss vital safety and security issues. Furthermore, they will be able to provide expert commentary on all matters relating to safety and security from both sides of the world.

Highlights Within This Wheels Up Podcast Episode:

1. Politics moulding the security industry

2. OPStructure overview

3. Mention of ASIS international

3. Challenges faced by smaller executive protection companies

4. Update on Panoptic Solutions

5. What to expect from the Wheels Up Podcast as a team moving forward

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