Security Guard in Indonesia: How to Find the Best Fit

security guard indonesia

Many security-related issues continue to plague Indonesia. Thus, finding an appropriately trained and vetted individual with the title of a security guard in Indonesia seems invaluable while facing mass protests and terrorist events. For the sake of enterprise leaders and their businesses, we discuss which criteria to use for selecting skilled protection professionals in the said country.

When anyone types in security guard Indonesia in their search engine, they are sure to get many hundreds of results. However, one must do plenty of more research to establish their credibility.

It is true to say that being a security guard in Indonesia is generally seen as a lower-level occupation. However, using a professional company will ensure that a higher standard is used to support various security-related tasks, including CPP or EP operations.

To start with, let us ask a few questions that should precede selecting a company:

  • Are they legally registered?
  • What are their work portfolios and operational capabilities?
  • In which areas do they operate? These could include Borneo/Kalimantan, Jawa, Sulawesi, Papua, and other regions.
  • Do they have a valid company’s address, phone number, and website?
  • Are they members of prominent international security bodies?

As a rule of thumb, it would be wise to ask fellow industry peers for recommendations. In fact, there are many fake security companies that offer subpar services and can put the life of any high-profile individual at risk due to negligence, scarce experience, or poor training.

Therefore, let us explore a few examples to discuss what it means to have a security guard in Indonesia.

Venue Security

There are many applications for protection professionals in Indonesia. Some include venue or halls-and-walls security in assisting executive protection teams. For instance, an EP company from abroad could be searching to employ a security guard in Indonesia for a single function.

In this case, applicants for the position must go through a detailed vetting and application process. However, certain established companies maintain a pool of security guards on standby 24/7. This helps in getting them on-site as soon as possible.

Conversely, other firms may choose only part-time, low-experience workers in this sector, thereby adversely reflecting the level of service. We believe this is not a good solution, as security guards must be at the top of their game, constantly mastering their skills, with sharp senses to combat any eventuality.

The G20 Presidency of Indonesia is a prime example of how venue security specialists can assist in ensuring a safe, secure environment. With hundreds of high-level officials, it is paramount to protect them from ill-intentioned individuals and groups.

So, here are a few ways that security guards can help as they

  • Make everyone — whether foreigner or local — feel safe due to their sheer presence,
  • Act as a visual deterrent to criminal behaviour,
  • Manage crowd control with fences, access control techniques, and other tools,
  • Scan for weapons and employ metal detection devices,
  • Secure equipment and non-security staff, and
  • Ensure organisers can turn to other aspects of the event.

Although foreign guests will be escorted by their personal security detail, the outer perimeter of the venue where the meetings are held will indeed require security guards.

In many respects, these protection professionals are a necessity rather than a nice-to-have. With bombing and terrorist attacks still fresh in the minds of Indonesians, security efforts must be at the forefront of the organisers’ concerns.

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Other Venue Security Considerations

Engaging security individuals with the proper training and experience seems common sense. However, one must also consider other, less apparent elements while protecting any venue and its accompanying visitors, including:

  • Due to working multiple hours at a single location, security guards can lose focus on the assignment. We recommend using a limited phone policy to ensure the protection professionals don’t give in to temptation and check their social media accounts or try to take photos with celebrities or high-ranking individuals. Supervisors and team leaders should hold their phones to ensure adequate communication.
  • In case of crises, security guards must have all in-house emergency plans at hand, having studied them previously in detail. Even though they can have an emergency response of their own, the already existing emergency plans can serve as an amplifier. In addition, we recommend conducting a site advance on any building prior to the event.
  • Creating clear communication channels with other local and international security staff is critical. Regular meetings of members of security teams can sometimes be overly formal, lacking the operational particulars that one can only gather on the ground. Likewise, it is often the case that only supervisors get access to all the relevant information, which can again cap security efforts. That is why we urge maintaining frequent contact with all protection staff. This ensures nothing passes by anyone in the process.

Following these three recommendations can dramatically increase the likelihood of the security specialists having yet another “uneventful shift.” This means a headache-free day for both the protection team and the persons receiving protective services.

Corporate Security Guard in Indonesia

According to some estimates, more than 2,000 large enterprises operate in Indonesia. Locally and internationally owned, they all require at least one security guard to provide their employees and CEOs peace of mind.

But first, what are the exact responsibilities of a corporate security guard in Indonesia? For one, they must:

  • Oversee and facilitate the protection efforts of the physical and intellectual assets of a company or business,
  • Ensure proper security measures are functioning, as in metal detectors and body scan devices, and
  • Control and restrict access to sensitive company information, including blueprints, trade secrets, prototypes, and other property.

In doing so, are they allowed to carry firearms in Indonesia? The answer is: Yes, however there are significant restrictions for security companies to legally possess and purchase guns. Further, ordinary residents must undergo a background check. In the process, relevant authorities examine their potential criminal offences and evaluate the applicant’s mental and physical health records.

On a similar note, the most recent is the case of a French citizen whom the Indonesian authorities arrested for alleged possession of guns.

Finally, we always advise remaining aware of local laws and customs before travelling to any part of the country. The reason is that strict regulation of firearms can lead to inexperienced security personnel from abroad being arrested and prosecuted. Hence, leaving the person they were protecting in a dangerous position, to say the least.

Companies like Panoptic Solutions support individuals and organisations in enhancing productivity and peace of mind by offering unmatched security guard services.

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