How to Hire an Executive Protection Agent

How to Hire 1

For those who aren’t familiar with it, the task of hiring an executive protection agent can be overwhelming. Knowing whether you actually need one can be a mystery, let alone knowing what to look for.With that in mind, this comprehensive guide outlines what an executive protection agent or operative is, who might need one and how to go about selecting one.

We’ve provided a list of questions at the end of the guide. Feel free to print this out and use it as a cheat sheet when going through a hiring process.

There is more to executive protection than you might expect and, for the uninitiated, you can easily make mistakes when sourcing a close protection provider. On the following pages you’ll find a cheat sheet with
all our recommended questions to ask when seeking a provider.

And of course, if you are seeking a provider or even just want to have your risk assessed, please contact us at Panoptic Solutions. We’d be glad for the opportunity to discuss this with you and, even if we aren’t a suitable provider for you, we will be able to make recommendations or assist you with finding someone.

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