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Risk is ever present; it’s knowing how to identify and mitigate it that will give you the corporate edge. Businesses that wish to capitalise on opportunities can ill afford to minimise their approach to risk management. At Panoptic Solutions our experienced risk consultants will provide you with a viable solution delivering professional, trusted and experienced advice to suit your business’s unique situation. This ensures that our clients are given the best possible guidance under challenging circumstances.

Panoptic Solutions critical response unit (CRU) consists of a team of professionals specialising in Crisis Management. Our team have assisted in some of the world’s largest crises over the past 15 years—including natural disasters, disease outbreaks, industrial protests, legal matters and operational incidents. The team at Panoptic are specially trained and immediately available in a time of crisis, providing you with the confidence that your organisation and people will survive through some of its most challenging times. Whether you need strategic crisis management planning or physical intervention and response, Panoptic Solutions ensures that you are fully supported.

 Crisis Response

Emergent | Critical | Urgent Response 24/7 – 365

Panoptic Solutions Critical Response Unit have assisted across a broad range of situations at short notice. We work with your team to provide the best outcome in a time of crisis. We provide advice during: Hostile Terminations, Workplace Disputes & Violence, Domestic Abuse Relocation, Life Support, International Missing Persons, Disaster & Medical Response

Risk Management Services

Identify | Assess | Reduce Risk

Professional Risk Management Advisers with tertiary qualifications and years of experience to back it.  From security through to health our team have you covered. Contact us to discuss how we can support your business with risk, threat, vulnerability and medical assessments.

Red Team Operations

Penetration Testing | Vulnerability Assessment | Breach Drills

Concerned about a particular security aspect within your business or are you confident that it can’t be breached? Why not put it too the test. Our teams will put your team to the test and then provide a detailed report on how best to mitigate it in the future.


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Executive Protection Services

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