Professional Australian Bodyguards and Executive Protection Providers can be a rare commodity. Searching for an executive protection provider for the first time can be slightly daunting.  Here are some things to look for which, in our view, are good indicators of competence and quality when searching for Australian Bodyguards.

Field Experience

The experience and qualifications of the personnel are usually highly indicative of the calibre of service the security firm will provide.  Look for high-quality military or law enforcement experience and inquire about the length and sophistication of that experience.  Additionally, check if the personnel have advanced qualifications or formal training such as medical or executive protection certifications. If so, where are those qualifications from and how do they compare with the highest industry standards. Australian Bodyguards and Executive Protection providers with international field experience are a value add.

Licensing Requirement

Each state requires security firms to hold a license. Boutique firms can utilise strategic alliances with partnering companies when operating out of state. Furthermore, each executive Protection Operative needs to hold a valid Australian Bodyguards Licence.


Excellent communication is a key determinant of the overall quality of an executive protection provider.  If the company representative or your account manager does not take the time to effectively communicate with you early on, they may not address the nuances of your needs later on. When first engaging with them, look for how clearly and confidently the company presents itself. Do the representatives put you at ease?  How well do they listen to you?

Value for money

Executive protection is not cheap and, if you’re getting professionals, it shouldn’t be.  When the cost of an executive protection service looks especially low, the value for money is likely even lower.  This is due to the economics of this business: The price is highly sensitive to experience and qualifications, legal and operating costs, etc.  Nonetheless, do look for value for money. Ensure that you are getting qualified and highly competent professionals as indicated by their experience and qualifications (not goons in suits). There are some other value-adds to keep an eye out for. Are they bilingual or know the language of a country you are travelling to? Do they have advanced medical training? Are there male and female personnel? These and other add-ons make for an excellent team.

Company Reputation

This can be as simple as a Google search or checking through online forums. You may find something that doesn’t sit right with you for whatever reason, so be willing to dig deeper. Try to get a sense of what the company stands for? What are its values and how are they indicated in the behaviour of the company (not just a shiny website with cliché words).

If you go with a reputable provider with a professional and positive culture, you can’t go wrong. For example, Panoptic Solutions has invested a lot of time into ensuring we have the right people performing the right job in a positive and professional work environment. Look for companies with a similar approach. Furthermore, if the company has referrals located on their website be sure to view and explore these further. Who are they from and what type of weight do they hold, an example of quality referrals and references can be found at the bottom of Panoptic Solutions home page)

Are you travelling to Australia and need security for you, your family or your staff?

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