Sydney Bodyguards: Sydney, Australia has an active criminal element like every other major city around the world. Corporations and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWI) frequently turn to local Sydney protective services to keep senior executives, visitors, and family members safe.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that in 2015/2016 the New South Wales Police Force (NSWPF) responded to, 29,444 domestic violence-related reports, 31,442 reports of violent assaults, non-domestic related, 6,850 acts of sexual offences and indecency, and 4,959 sexual assaults. There were 32 attempted murders in 2016 and 62 homicides.

The Australian government continues to rate the terrorism risk for Sydney and the rest of Australia as “probable.”

From 2014-2017, there were 12 disruptive plots and four terrorist attacks, many of which occurred in Sydney NSW.

Sydney Bodyguards – Essential Safety and Security Duties

Sydney Bodyguards or Executive Protection (EP) operatives/agents, often called bodyguards, perform important safety and security duties in Sydney for residents and tourists.

The older more general label “bodyguard” conjures visions of large, massive, and imposing individuals surrounding the protectee. While bouncers and others may engender that stereotype, effective personal protection requires much more than an intimidating presence.

Executive Protection Agents or Operatives provided by Premier Security and Risk Management companies in Sydney like Panoptic Solutions provide comprehensive security planning tailored to the individual’s lifestyle.

Executive Protection professionals use preparation and planning to identify risks and take steps to mitigate the potential threats before any actual attack occurs. EP specialists often protect the client’s family and offer customisable security packages that use risk assessments.

Celebrity and UHNWI Visitors Security

Sydney bodyguards provided by premier Security and Risk Management companies in Sydney know the city and region exceptionally well. Sydney is one of Australia’s most well-known cities with its scenic harbour and the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House, tourists, corporate executives, and high profile personalities travel from all over to visit.

Professional Australian Bodyguards and Executive Protection Operatives have the knowledge and experience of working with the various venues and locations visited by celebrities and UHNWIs. This experience, along with their training and expertise in security planning,  non-lethal force, defensive and offensive driving tactics, and other professional attributes provide exceptional service to high-profile visitors.

Residential and Hotel Security

Principal Security and Risk Management companies in Sydney have worked extensively with various hotels where local companies hold events or house visiting executives. The relationships with hotels and other local security personnel are force multipliers for their clients.


Executive protection personnel offered by Australian, New South Wales private security service companies combine professional training with local knowledge and secure transportation to service clients.

These highly trained professionals are relied upon to provide for the safety of clients.

Sydney Bodyguards and Executive Protection Operatives are vital services for those executives, high profile personalities, and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals and families who travel to or reside in NSW.


Travelling or living in Sydney or other regions of Australia and require secure transportation or professional Executive Protection services? Contact Panoptic Solutions to talk with one of our security specialists about how we can support you, your family, or your team.

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