Corporate security is an often-ignored management function. Yet, directors and executives are experiencing a growing need to properly understand the risks that their organisations face. The authors of Corporate Security in the Asia-Pacific Region inform us that in Australia it is a director’s duty to make sure that the company has and maintains risk management. So, executives need to involve themselves and demonstrate appropriate action with small margins for error. Security matters are an inextricable part of their duties – and some of the most fundamental considerations and concerns made when employing corporate security guards.  

Ensuring the protection of company facilities and its employees is a matter of the utmost importance. Sometimes, it can even seem daunting. It is unrealistic to expect managers and executives to patrol the grounds themselves while managing the business. It is likewise unworkable for them to expect to trust just anyone to look out for their company with as much investment as they themselves have.  

In order to keep their people safe and protect company assets, more and more businesses are employing the services of corporate security guards. Often misperceived as simply “standing there,” their intrinsic value is often underestimated. Corporate security guards are a competent deterrent to criminal activities and are well-equipped and trained to protect an organisation’s investment. 

Using Professional Corporate Security Guards vs. Hiring Internally 

Let’s suppose that an organisation realises that it would benefit from additional security. In this event, they still have to decide whether to use a third-party security company or hire a security guard from within your company. Yes, hiring internally seems like a quick and easy solution. Still, the benefits of outsourcing and employing external corporate security guards outweigh appointing a current employee to oversee security matters.  

An immediate benefit is the peace of mind of having qualified and trained professionals protecting their organisation. Also, any professional security company will make it standard practice to run extensive background checks on all of their guards. This would include criminal history checks, licence and character checks, as well as speaking with previous employers or military/law enforcement units.   

Additionally, outsourcing often proves the more cost-effective solution. Organisations will save money that they would otherwise spend on proper training for novice security guards, as well as their certifications. Then there are the costs of equipment and maintenance.   

Lastly, corporate security guards from a private security company generally come from a rich background of security work. Typically, this includes years as a professional security guard or previous military or law enforcement experience. Organisations that hire their services will generally find that outsourced guards will consist of those with a broad range of experience and likely have the necessary skills to protect their facilities and employees. 

Additional Considerations on Corporate Security Guards 

In this context, security outsourcing as a concept provides companies with more room to concentrate on their core business. Also, it allows them freedom and the opportunity to cut costs, while feeling completely protected.  

However, apart from some default competencies – like security skills, knowledge, personal integrity, flexibility, adaptability, and commitment, corporate security guards should possess certain business expertise, such as:  

  • understanding corporate culture,  
  • business acumen,
  • management skills, and  
  • communication and presentation skills. 

corporate security guards 1

Imagine the unlikely situation where a director has the capacity to employ as many guards as they want. In this case, professional expertise and the size of the corporate security firm are not necessarily crucial factors when it comes to producing results. 

It is far more important to have a coherent team, working toward a common goal. So, when hiring corporate security guards, it is vital to concentrate on features that are crucial for team dynamics. Some of these include: 

Performance – they need to possess the appropriate skills and have correct instructions pertaining to their tasks, as well as the ability to execute them.  

Company interests — the candidates’ interests and motivations need to align with the rest of the organisation’s structure. 

Character — executives need to consider their corporate security guards not only in a professional sense but as individuals with whom you are going to interact. 

Corporate Security Guard Duties and Responsibilities 

As previously mentioned, most executives deal with the companies of the outsourced workforce in terms of the quality and quantity of the services performed. In general, corporate security guards may perform the following duties: 

Reception – Meet and Greet, Directing Visitors, handling postal mail, and in some cases, answering calls. However, security staff should not be seen as a replacement for a dedicated receptionist. 

Access control – making sure that people or materials do not pass through a particular point and assist, escort, or direct those who are permitted access.  

Patrolling – identifying, observing, and intercepting suspicious behaviour and objects. 

Handling of security and fire equipment – they operate any equipment intended to detect, prevent and mitigate incidents. 

Cash in transit – these include security measures aimed at protecting transported funds. 

Regardless of whether an organisation employs a dedicated security manager to manage the corporate security guards or those duties fall within the scope of a company director, that person is in charge of: 

  • Maintaining regular communication with the outsourced company, 
  • Reviewing and checking invoices for their services, 
  • Measuring performance and setting KPIs, 
  • Keeping a record of incidents, 
  • Keeping track of dates and information that could affect security,
  • Creating the budget for the guard services, 
  • Creating procedures and work instructions and ensuring that the staff follows them, and 
  • Making sure that all physical security elements are maintained and operational, etc. 


When clients and employees are confident that an organisation is properly guarded and implements adequate security protocols, business runs smoother. However, company security isn’t just the concern of a single individual. A sound security strategy needs to be embedded in the organisation on multiple levels and across departments.  

Each agency or business comes with a unique set of security needs and requires a custom plan of protection. A good corporate security service company is able to incorporate their professional security guards into their business place with minimal disruption. 

By working with the company, professional corporate security guards will be able to come up with several security tactics. These are tailor-made to fit the company’s specific needs, while at the same time addressing any special challenges that the facility may face. 

Security experts – like Panoptic Solutions – can help you identify vulnerabilities and improve your security to future-proof your company. You can have the safety and security you need, as well as the peace of mind you deserve.  

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