Gold Coast Security Firm Panoptic Solutions on International Search Case

Private security team members from Gold Coast Security Firm Panoptic Solutions are helping in the hunt for a missing Aussie in Malaysia who says she hasn’t touched her bank accounts.

Panoptic Solutions operations manager Ben Hosking, coordinating the search plan from the Gold Coast Security Firm, whilst his colleague Troy Claydon is on the ground in Malaysia, said all scenarios for her disappearance remained on the table.

Annapuranee Jenkins, 65, has not been seen since she got out of an Uber after leaving a dental appointment in Penang, Malaysia on December 13.

Mr. Hosking said she didn’t have her passport or phone with her but was believed to have a bank card or card and her accounts had not been touched.

“She had her bank cards but hasn’t accessed them. That is why you could suspect foul play may have occurred because she hasn’t touched any of those accounts,” he said yesterday.

Mr. Claydon was helping her son in Penang widen the search area yesterday and applying for approval required locally to parade a mannequin dressed as Mrs. Jenkins in hope of sparking memories of anyone who might have seen her.

Mr. Hosking said they were treating the operation as a missing person inquiry given the length of time since she was last seen.

EARLIER: A CRACK squad of ex-military and police from Gold Coast Security Firm Panoptic Solutions are leading an international hunt for an Australian woman who mysteriously “vanished” holidaying in Malaysia.

The desperate Brisbane-based son of missing South Australian Annapuranee “Anna” Jenkins has hired private high-end Gold Coast Security firm Panoptic Solutions in a bid to track her down.

Mrs. Jenkins, aged in her mid-60s, was on holiday with her Vietnam veteran husband Frank Jenkins, 70, in Penang, Malaysia, when she disappeared on December 13.

Aussie in Malaysia
Annapuranee Jenkins, an Australian Citizen who is missing in Malaysia since December 13.

She had gone alone to a dental appointment before catching an Uber — seemingly en route to visit her mother in a Penang rest home. But a local police chief has told local media her driver dropped her 4km from the intended destination at her request.

She has not been seen since local media have reported.

Gold Coast Security Firm Panoptic Solutions founder Troy Claydon has been in Penang for a week, leading the family’s private search and told the Gold Coast Bulletin by all accounts she was of completely sound mind.

Mr. Claydon said there was no known rift in the family. “It’s an odd case.”

The circumstances of her last known movements were “unusual”, Mr. Claydon said, adding she didn’t have her passport or bank cards and where she allegedly asked to be dropped off as an “odd location”.

Panoptic Solutions founder Troy Claydon
Troy Claydon who founded Australian and Gold Coast Security Firm, Panoptic Solutions to provide high-end private security is on the hunt for a missing Australian citizen in Malaysia. Photo: Regi Varghese

“There is CCTV footage of the driver departing without her but no other footage.

“There are CCTV cameras along the main road but the local police didn’t check them in time and they have now been wiped over.”

Panoptic operations manager Ben Hosking, a former search and rescue assistant co-ordinator for the Northern Territory police, is helping coordinate the hunt in Penang from the Gold Coast.

Panoptic Solutions founder Troy Claydon
Panoptic Solutions founder Troy Claydon posts up ‘missing person’ posters around Penang, Malaysia, where Annapuranee Jenkins vanished on Dec. 13, 2017. Mr. Claydon is heading up the family’s hunt to try and find her.

A photo supplied by Panoptic Solutions from CCTV shows her leaving the Jen Hotel where she and Frank were staying on the day of her disappearance, while he looks on in the background.

Local media reported she asked her Uber driver to drop her at Jalan Scotland instead of her actual destination, the Little Sisters of the Poor Home in Batu Lanchang.

The place she was last seen when dropped off on Scotland Rd is a busy intersection but it is unclear why she asked to be let out where she did.

Aussie in Malaysia
A view of George Town in the city of Penang, Malaysia, where Australian citizen Annapuranee Jenkins went missing on Dec. 13, 2017, and hasn’t been seen since. She was there on holiday with her husband and to visit her mother who lives there.

Mr. Claydon said the dentist and Uber driver had both been spoken to and their stories appeared to “check out”.

The driver had taken them on the route where he drove her and was “distraught” about the disappearance.

Mr. Claydon said they remained open to all scenarios — including her having had some sort of medical episode through to being the victim of foul play or an abduction.

“There is potential she has got into another vehicle, whether forcibly or voluntarily.

“We know she doesn’t have her passport, doesn’t have a mobile phone, doesn’t seem to have any cards. It’s obviously quite concerning.

Aussie in Malaysia
One of the flyers being posted up around Penang, Malaysia for missing Australian citizen Annapuranee Jenkins, who goes by Anna or Ranee. she has been missing since Dec. 13, 2017, after exiting an Uber on 68 Jalan Scotland, Penang following a dental appointment.

“It is frustrating for everyone and you have to feel for the family.”

The son of a missing Aussie in Malaysia said he knew Panoptic team members via a mutual military connection, said he hired them in the hope of a breakthrough.

“We were struggling to get any more information from authorities or anyone over here so it’s a bit of a desperate plea,” the son said.

“But we are still fairly positive, we’re operating on the basis no news is good news.”

In their bid to trace where she might have ended up, Mr. Claydon said they had walked the route from where she was dropped to the rest home. Today, they went back and were catching buses departing from the area to track those routes.

Panoptic Solutions operations manager Ben Hosking
Gold Coast Security Firm Panoptic Solutions operations manager Ben Hosking compiles search maps from the Gold Coast to help his fellow Panoptic colleague who is in Penang Malaysia, leading the search for missing Australian citizen Annapuranee Jenkins.

They have had a mannequin with them dressed in similar clothes to what she was wearing, hoping it might jog the memory of anyone who might have seen her.

Mrs. Jenkins was the primary caregiver for her husband Frank, who suffers from dementia and has since returned to Australia.

The couple, who have been married for 40 years, arrived in Penang on December 5 to visit Mrs. Jenkin’s 101-year-old mother, who was sick.

Mr. Jenkins said his wife had never gone missing before but in the past 12 months had displayed signs of mental health issues.

He said Mrs. Jenkins began believing that people were following her and were out to get her and the family believed she may have gone into hiding.

“We think she might be paranoid about someone tailing her in a car or walking,” he said.

“She’s very religious and she stops out the front of people’s houses and says prayers and some people don’t like that, naturally.

“She thought that everyone was against her.”

Aussie in Malaysia
Last known area where Australian citizen Annapuranee Jenkins was seen in Penang, Malaysia.

The holidaying woman in her mid-60s from South Australia had been to a dental appointment and was in an Uber when she apparently asked to get out — and was dropped here, near the Driveway of Ramakrishna Ashrama Penang.

Mr. Jenkins said the family was extremely worried about Mrs. Jenkins and were taking it in turns to travel to Penang to continue to look for her.

“We looked around the churches and hospitals and so forth,” he said.

“And then when I went back (to Australia) my son went over and he stayed there for a week and he went everywhere and dropped flyers and then he came back and then my daughter Jen did the same thing and dropped the signs everywhere and then … (my son) went over again.”

A Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade statement said it was providing consular assistance in accordance with the Consular Services Charter to “the family of an Australian woman reported missing in Malaysia”.

“Owing to our privacy obligations we will not provide further comment.”


Members of private security firm Panoptic Solutions tend not to want to see their name up in lights.

The Gold Coast Security Firm of former military and police veterans offers a normally discreet personal protection service to international A-listers and high net worth individuals both here in Australia and internationally throughout Asia.

Past clients include boxing legend Manny Pacquiao — Panoptic operatives shadowed him 24-hours a day during his Brisbane visit last year to fight Jeff Horn. Their client rosters have also seen them look after fortune 500 executives, television personalities, and Department of Defence staff.

Troy Claydon of Panoptic Solutions
Troy Claydon of Gold Coast Security Firm, Panoptic Solutions, which provides Health, Safety, and Security Services during a photoshoot at Sanctuary Cove, Gold Coast. Photo: Regi Varghese

You won’t be ready about that anywhere.

But as Panoptic Solutions operations manager Ben Hosking told the Gold Coast Bulletin today it was taking the unusual step of highlighting its latest case — hunting for the mysterious disappearance of Australian woman Annapuranee Jenkins — because they needed all the exposure they could get.

“With backgrounds in specialist law enforcement and Australian Defence Force personnel our policy is to maintain discreet service provision.

“However, this situation carries enough gravity and we feel that it could be the right thing to do in this instance and break our silence.”

Troy Claydon and team member of Panoptic Solutions
Troy Claydon and team member of Gold Coast Security Firm Panoptic Solutions, Health, Safety, and Security Services at Sanctuary Cove, Gold Coast. Photo: Regi Varghese

It was started in 2011 by former Australian Defence Force member Troy Claydon. He had 14 years of military experience plus five years in war-torn Iraq as a private security contractor. He returned to the Gold Coast in 2009 and signed up for the Queensland Ambulance Service to train as a paramedic.

He started Gold Coast Security Firm Panoptic Solutions with the aim of offering a bodyguard service to people with high-level paramedic skills.

“If something goes wrong, whether you’re injured or whatever, the first person people look to are the bodyguards,” he told the Bulletin in 2016.

“My plan was always to try and put those two services together — the medical and the security. They go so well together.”


ANNAPURANEE Jenkins, who goes by Anna or Ranee, was born in Malaysia but immigrated to Australia after marrying Frank Jenkins decades ago.

Mr. Jenkins, a veteran of the Vietnam War, is an ex-Australian Defence Force member of the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF). They met in the 1970s while he was stationed at Penang’s RAAF Butterworth.

Mrs. Jenkins, in her mid-60s, still travels to Penang four to five times a year to visit her

101-year-old mum who lives there. She has a Brisbane-based son and daughter in South Australia, and two grandsons aged five and 11.

She is the primary caregiver for Frank who has been suffering from dementia.

Her son described her as a compassionate mother and wife who helped the homeless and refugees in South Australia, whom she regularly cooked for.

Anyone with information regarding the disappearance of Annapuranee Jenkins should contact any of the following:

Penang RMP on whats app or phone +60 19 411 7572

Jenkins Family on whats app or mobile +61 400 381 593

Panoptic Solutions +61 1300 651 407 or

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