COVID-19 pulled the rug out and brought the world to a standstill. As every country sorted to deal with the deadly pandemic their own way, sanctions on travel were not something that was up for debate. The United States, Australia, and the whole of Europe placed travel restrictions.

As returning residents and overseas visitors aided the spread of the disease in each country, minimising the import of it took priority and this almost decimated the entire travel industry across the globe.

In saying that, recently, a few countries started to open up and along with it a slow drip of travel options. It seems like the urge to connect to the rest of the world has become stronger than ever.

Some destinations in Europe, Tahiti, and several islands in the Caribbean have taken first steps towards reopening their cities to travellers. Although you wouldn’t see travel return to pre-COVID levels anytime soon, the trend is positive at the moment.

The government of Tahiti has opened the country’s borders, welcoming international UHNW tourists but in medically supervised conditions. This calls for high-end security and highly trained remote medics to be available at all times.


Remote Medics at Panoptic

Remote Paramedics, also known as Expeditionary Medics, are medical practitioners with expertise in providing emergency medical care, first aid, injury prevention, CPR, and other clinical aid to clients in remote or secluded locations.

At Panoptic Solutions, our remote medics are trained professionally to deal with extreme climatic conditions and have proven their capabilities in the toughest of environments.


Here are a few highlights of our remote medics:

  • Military-trained healthcare personnel at the moment of emergence.
  • Panoptics’ remote paramedics use telemedicine as a source of providing medical assistance in extenuating circumstances. Equipped with working knowledge of the terrain, individual decision-making skills, and quick-thinking capability.
  • We ensure our clients’ safety by doing a preliminary assessment of their medical history, which may be crucial in crisis situations. Extensively trained clinicians carry this medical history, diagnostic knowledge, and experience in treating clients in isolated locations to potentially save lives.
  • Our remote medics work alongside the military or the local law enforcement to medevac the patient on a helicopter, take care of the hospital admittance, and even coordinate the repatriation of the client if required.


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Medical Support Services by Panoptics

At Panoptics, we are steadfast at delivering an experienced, trusted, and proficient remote medical support system that is tailored, as well as customised to meet business needs. Here are some of the remote medical support services we offer:

  • Remote medical support services
  • Event medics
  • First aid support
  • Medical repatriation
  • Commercial medical escort


For our remote medical support service, highly trained medical professionals are hand-picked to aid clients in the most remote and disparate geographical or climatic conditions.

Reaching the frigid ice shelves of Antarctica, desolate islands of the Philippines, treacherous mines sites in Australia to name a few, our medics team is at your medical aid in any emergency situation.

Event medics are on-hand overseeing sporting events, racing, festivals, and other adventure activities where the likelihood of injuries or emergencies increase considerably.

Having hosted & supervised world-renowned events like International Children’s Games, True Grit, Aussie World Titles Obstacle Racing, Big Pineapple Music Festival, Tash Sultana and many more action-packed events, the Panoptic medical support staff is experienced and prepared for any emergency.

In the case of clients travelling by themselves or with their families, the hands-on-deck remote medical escorts & air travel support team takes care of their medical requirements as well as safety. The onboard clinicians are equipped with the right tools and the expertise to assist in any health-related matters.

Covid19 may have taken over the world but Tahiti opening its borders is good news for travellers. Coupled with Panoptics’ elaborate solutions that prioritise safety, security, and wellbeing of all its guests, it is a win-win proposition for corporates & individuals who are tired of working at home.


Our other service offerings

Other than remote medical support services, Panoptic Solutions also offers:

  • Protective Services: Highly trained, former military or law enforcement specialists can be hired to ensure your safety. The experts can plan your safety in advance based on your itinerary and facilitate all aspects of your personal safety & security.
  • Risk Management: Panoptic Solutions has expert risk managers, crisis response teams, vulnerability assessment teams, breach drills, penetration testing personnel and others who can help you assess, identify, and apprehend any & all types of personnel or professional security breaches you may encounter.
  • Infrastructure Security: This team of professionals can be hired to protect your office, hotels, black tie events, board rooms, constructions, private parties, sporting events, music events and many more. The infrastructure security wing also offers you electronic bug detection, phone tapping identification and other attempts to infiltrate your smart devices or other electronics

Give us a call to discuss your specific security requirements.


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