How to Select an Indonesia Executive Protection Company

indonesia executive protection company

Choosing a security firm in Europe is one thing. However, selecting an Indonesia executive protection company requires a different approach. For one, more regulated corners of the world tend to mandate protocols and internal company structures to be able to provide protective services.

On the other hand, things are more flexible in countries with unexpected security trends like those in Indonesia. There, one needs to scrutinise many more moving parts and prepare better for contingencies.

At any rate, businesspeople and corporations seeking to hire an Indonesia executive protection company must examine two main factors:

  • Company capabilities, and
  • Individual qualities of team members.

In other words, the first aspect informs how the company handles big picture items. On the other hand, the second deals with everyday operational movements. Therefore, to be on the receiving end of the best possible protective solutions, one should choose a security firm with those two overarching characteristics in place.

For this article, we will explore these and provide insight into how to pick the best fit.

Company Capabilities

Currently, hundreds of security companies operate Indonesia-wide. Thus, finding a firm that has the most remarkable capabilities may seem daunting. So, where does one start when filtering through hundreds of company websites and reading client reviews?

In a nutshell, we suggest looking at the overall services that a particular Indonesia executive protection company offers. To that end, here are a few questions to consider:

  • Do they have security drivers and threat assessment specialists?
  • Are they providing covert and overt protection services?
  • What are their operational capabilities for more volatile settings?

To get to the core of the benefits on offer, the person seeking protection needs to be well informed about their services, experience, and skills. Moreover, it might be easier to have a single security provider with multiple capabilities rather than various providers with one or two services.

The Security Pillar

An EP company serves as a supporting pillar for everyday security assignments and agents. For example, an Indonesia executive protection company may need to provide protective intelligence and threat assessments. But also, it needs to be able to inspect and select vehicles. Thirdly, it could use its pool of experts to find security ex-pats in the country.

For illustration, suppose an Australian UHNW family travels to Indonesia for a public function. In this case, a select EP company will draw lessons from its previous security assignments in the region and compile their recommendations to choose suitable EP vehicles. Again, this task is rarely done by a single EP agent but rather by the contracting security company.

Similarly, an individual protection professional may not be able to check the latest updates on the news, protests, or weather forecasts. Alternatively, that is what the Indonesia executive protection company is for. It can gather intelligence from open-source locations as well as local assets. It provides logistical support and guidance, taking care of everything for which the individual agents lack the time or the necessary skills.

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Even more importantly than that, the EP company’s manager, director, and team leader will assess every specific situation and decide on assigning other capabilities such as paramedics.

Likewise, they may determine that the medical risk profile may dictate that a team of medical professionals including a paramedic and a doctor with advanced equipment is necessary. In any event, most settings will require UHNW families and high-ranking individuals to have access to some type of remote medical support.

Finally, it is up to the EP company to assess legal restrictions and opt for the best course of action in organising operations. For instance, some legislations prohibit foreigners from carrying firearms, including Indonesia.

Individual Qualities

Protective agents are doing so much more than merely standing and waiting for the principal. In some cases, public perception of the protector may be that they are physically prominent individuals who serve to intimidate.

Still, they have more critical matters to grapple with in their daily security assignments than their image, including:

  • Operational planning,
  • Advances,
  • Violent protesters,
  • Forceful environmentalists,
  • Stalkers,
  • People with personality disorders,
  • Attackers, intruders, and
  • Many more individuals and groups.

Besides the hard skills of using firearms, advanced driving and reaction to attack, an executive protection agent must be well-versed in communication skills.

For example, not all protection deals with “physically fighting threats” or averting danger last minute. In fact, one of the primary individual qualities of EP agents is to know the principal or person receiving protective services. In other words, to learn their behavioural patterns, likes and dislikes, as well as any inclinations that can adversely or positively impact a protective assignment.

A professional security operative at any Indonesia executive protection company typically sees their assignments as more than just work. The reason is that they spend much more time with their protectees than their own children, wives, or husbands. Hence the strong relationship.

Point in fact, knowing the business and personal environment of the protectees is equally important as knowing the threat level of potential harm.

Making Things Worse (Or Better)

Apart from familiarising themselves with the principal and their habits, the protection agents must also master other soft skills, including de-escalation techniques:

  • The art of advances,
  • EP planning,
  • Communications skills and liaison,
  • Maintaining a safe distance and avoiding touching the threat actor,
  • Giving full attention, asking questions, nodding, and
  • Removing the principal from the area.

Expectedly, getting into a physical scuffle with a potential attacker may seem very easy to do. Moreover, it could even appear to be a good reaction to somebody invading the personal space of protectees.

However, doing so may make matters worse and raise the threat levels. Therefore, we recommend that employees of any Indonesia executive protection company take a different approach and try to de-escalate a situation before it erupts into something over which the security team has barely any control.

But ultimately, here are the main traits that any agent should have:

  • Mental agility,
  • Professional conduct,
  • Self-initiative,
  • Cooperation and diplomatic tact, and
  • Dependability.

Final Remarks

Not all principals will respond equally to security professionals suggesting specific protective measures. In fact, some may outright reject following protocol. Alternatively, others may be more open to listening to the protector’s wise words. In any case, the EP team can do only so much by conveying information and straightforwardly giving recommendations.

But at the end of the day, it is up to the principal to decide if they want to take the advice or not. In other words, protective agents cannot make protectees do anything outside their free will. Thus, it follows that protection is a matter of agreement and compromise between what is necessary and that which won’t impinge on the principal’s lifestyle. Simply put, a midpoint between security and comfort.

To conclude, here are the main takeaways from this article on selecting an Indonesia executive protection company:

  • Look into their company capabilities and individual qualities by asking for recommendations and case studies,
  • Explore if they offer security driving, close protection, and threat assessment services at the same time,
  • Scrutinise their online presence, including social media and website.

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