Secure Transport: How a Security Driver Increases Productivity for Executives

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Secure Transport can be seen as a “nice to have” not a “need to have”. For many organisations, the return on investment for hiring a security driver for senior executives is judged to be high enough to justify the expense. One of the main reasons for this (though not the only one) is that transportation organised by a security company greatly increases the productivity of the executive and, in some cases, improves the results of the entire business trip.

Secure Transport: Increasing Productivity

With a security driver, executives are able to work en-route and prep for the core activities of the trip. Not only do they not need to drive, but they also do not need to think about any travel details like flight times, delays, routes, the timing between legs of the trip, and so on. In other words, in addition to time saved, a security driver allows the executives’ minds to remain fully focused on work throughout the trip. If you were to calculate how much the executive’s time is worth on an hourly basis, the cost of a security driver and executive protection is usually very easily justified.

Security personnel can also rely on tools that the ordinary traveller does not have access to.  For example, security personnel can coordinate with pilots (for those travelling on private aircraft) and airport staff in advance or in accordance with changes in travel plans. This benefit will usually take the stress out of travel even when unforeseen problems like delays and cancellations arise.

Another feature of the security driver is that, if they are executive protection trained, they greatly reduce security risks associated with travel. A travelling executive may be a target for harassment, theft, or harm if they are identified as either an easy target or a person of wealth. Criminals may identify these executives by what they wear, any expensive accruements and accessories, by how they carry themselves, or indeed if they are a well-known person.

Executive protection personnel reduces the risk of harm to these executives by being able to alter routines including pick up and drop off points, identify the safest routes and change them if necessary, or react appropriately in the event a threat becomes prevalent.  Executives will also enjoy the general comforts that come with VIP travel, which can also boost productivity, including Wi-Fi, snacks, and beverages.

A core part of the value proposition of a security driver for an executive is that their overall presence can help to increase the success of the trip.  For one, if the executive can spend travel time preparing for the upcoming meetings, it will improve the outcome of the trip as a whole.  But more importantly, travel details can often detract from the core purpose of the trip.

If, however, the executive is busy with travel details, hassles, and minor crises, he or she is presumably not in the optimal mental space for the core activities of a business trip.  A security driver allows the executive to focus on the results of the company and, leaving all travel and security details to someone else.

Australian Executive Protection specialists and Security & Risk Management Company, Panoptic Solutions, provides secure transport and drivers in Australia’s major cities including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Gold Coast as well as throughout the Asia Pacific region. For more information about the secure transport options we are able to provide, email our team at, submit an enquiry through our website here or call +61 1300 651 407

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